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The Unit System

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Should we bring the unit system back?

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The Unit System Empty The Unit System

Post  Ghetsis on Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:58 pm

Some of you may or may not remember we used to have units. The way a unit worked was there was the unit leader(someone in the next title above their unit members) and 3 unit members. For example a 2nd Commander as a unit leader and 2 Grunt Majors and 1 Grunt Minor as the members of the unit or a 1st Officer as the unit leader and 2 2nd Commanders and 1 3rd Commander as the unit members. If you wanted to rank up it depended on your unit leader. To rank up in the same title but higher rank of it you just had to do good enough to be approved by your unit leader. To rank up to the same title as your unit leader or to the next title you had to defeat them. For example if you're a Grunt Major and your unit leader is a 2nd Commander if you defeated them in battle you could rank up to a 3rd Commander which is the next title. So having explained how things were before here is the question-
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The Unit System Empty My Opinion

Post  Buho on Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:22 am

I wasn't around when the unit system was first integrated, but I voted against the unit system because it sounds like an easy way for a low ranking member to go up a rank with a lucky win and be a higher rank than the person who was his unit leader, I'll admit that a change needs to be made to give the ranks a purpose, but i do not think this is the solution. This is just an idea, but maybe a good system for ranking up would be for everyone in the rank to battle and decide amongst themselves who the best player of that rank is, (maybe do a small tournament or something) and then have them battle someone of a higher rank to see if they have what it takes to move up. (Just a thought). That is my opinion and while you are free to have your own i would like you to please not be mad at me just because i disagree with someone.

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