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Post  Mockingbird on Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:04 am

Obviously, your staff team here on Plasmatic Villains would like everyone to receive the most positive and beneficial gaming environment possible; but in order for that to happen, your staff team has integrated a few simple rules into the community in which we hope will help us achieve our goals. The staff team is not responsible for any members negligence to read the rules of this forum. Upon registering here you have agreed to the terms of International Law, Forumotion and this website. Members who chose not to read these rules will receive no mercy when it comes to enforcing the following rules.

-Be respectful. It's honestly the simplest request anyone can ask of you. Simply follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would like them to treat you. This means respecting both your superiors in rank or authority as well as those beneath your rank. It takes members from every rank to promote a thriving community. When it comes to community events such as battles and tournaments, members are expected to show support for others, opponent or otherwise, and win or lose, are expected to show good sportsmanship.

-Do not request to be a staff member. Members are hand chosen for these jobs based on their skills, experience, reasoning abilities and how well they interact with other members of the community. To the staff members, seeking out a position of power only indicates a possible abuse of said power in the future and your odds of becoming a staff member will potentially decrease to protect the community from harm. No one has a right to power over another.

-Avoid drama or fighting. I know this sounds like common sense to most of us here, but most members are here to enjoy battling others and are aiming to escape from the drama of the real world for a time. No one wants to come online to fighting. I also must include that members who bring drama here from another site will have consequences to face.

-No harassment. No one should be chased off this site due to their ethnic backgrounds, up-bringing, social status, gender, age, sexual preferences, race, or skill/experience. This is a public community forum, meaning that all are welcome here and should not have to tolerate any one elses ignorance. Everyone is equal on this site.

-No unauthorized advertising. I know that members must see this all the time on other forums, announcing that there is no advertising allowed. Here on Plasmatic Villains, advertising is permitted as long as you seek authorization from a forum administrator. Please bare in mind that we do have younger community members that should not be exposed to certain community environments so for their safety, external links must be evaluated by a forum administrator. (Youtube videos, battle videos, images and contact information will be allowed to be exchanged but do this cautiously. Our staff are not responsible for any personal attacks that occur outside of this forum.)

-Obey the staff. There seem to be a lot of issues with this rule. The staff members are in charge of running this forum as smoothly as possible first and foremost. If an administrator or moderator gives you a warning do not lash out and/or cause a scene. It's best to take it as constructive criticism to help us improve the community. Personal attacks against any staff member whether they are a moderator or an administrator will not be permitted under any circumstances, in any form.

-Do not spam the forums. This is something that no one appreciates. Please don't double post in the forums. It's creates an unnecessary back up of posts. If you have something to add to your message or something to clarify, we ask that you please simply edit the message or delete it and start over. It's easier for members to say caught up in the forums when they don't have to read through several pages of spam and if a topic is inactive or solved please do not bring it back up without valid reason.

-No hacking. There is never a valid reason for any member to attempt to hack this site. It is forbidden and if you are caught you with be punished severely, if not, permanently dismissed from this forum.

Punishments acceptable for moderators to give:
-Kick from the chat box
-Chat box ban
-Account ban

If a moderator is unable to enforce the rule that has been violated by the member in question an administrator will be contacted.

Punishments acceptable for administrators to give:
-Kick from chat box
-Chat box ban
-Revoking of private messaging privileges
-Account ban
-Email address ban
-IP ban
-Account deletion

DISCLAIMER: These rules are subject to change at will by an administrator based on severity of the situation and circumstances. Punishments may vary. The punishments are dealt by the staff members ONLY. Any other members trying to enforce punishments on another member will be punished themselves. If these rules are unclear to you please seek out an administrators via private messaging for clarification.


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