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My Flying Team.

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My Flying Team.

Post  GeorgeSeven on Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:23 am

Sevens Flying Gym Team
(Don't judge me. It was like 12 when I wrote this and I'm tired -_-)
Pokemon's Name: Gliscor
Species: Ground/Flying
Gender: Male
Nature: Impish
Ability: Poison Heal
Item: Toxic Orb
Moveset: Protect, Ice Fang, Earthquake, Swords Dance
Stats: HP- 330, Attack- 251, Defense- 383, Special Attack- 111, Special Defense- 186 Speed- 226

Not much to say about this pokemon. You can't not have him on a flying team. Period. His defense his good for switching in, his ability pretty much acts as a double leftover recovery, and he looks badass. Need more be said?

Pokemon's Name: Togekiss
Species: Normal/Flying
Gender: Female
Nature: Calm
Ability: Serene Grace
Item: Leftovers
Moveset: Thunder Wave, Fire Blast, Air Slash, Morning Sun.
Stats: HP- 361, Attack- 99, Defense- 217, Special Attack- 290, Special Defense- 361 Speed- 196

I pretty much had to patch up my defenses, so she comes in hand. With Gliscor as a defensive switch in, Togekiss is my special defense switch in. And believe me, she can switch in. Her defense is very decent, and her Special attack is enough to do some damage. You're probably confused on why she has Fire Blast and Morning Sun... It used to be on my sun team, and Fire Blast has a pretty nice base power stat of 120. But aside from that, Thunder Wave mixed with a STAB Air slash mixed with serene grace means your chances of moving are pretty much next to nothing. I honestly don't understand why Togekiss isn't OU. This Togekiss is a little jackass... But you already know that.

Pokemon's Name: Salamence
Species: Dragon/Flying
Gender: Female
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Moxie
Item: Choice Scarf
Moveset: Outrage, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Fire Blast
Stats: HP- 332, Attack- 405, Defense- 196, Special Attack- 227, Special Defense- 196 Speed- 299

Defense, defense, defense. I needed an attacker. Salamence definitely does the job. This guy is a monster, and I can not count how many times a Salamence has swept my entire team with ease. This salamence is pretty much meant to switch in and start some major havoc. The only thing he lacks is speed, which is made up with the Choice Scarf. Outrage equipped with a 120 base attack and STAB, will do enough damage to any pokemon. Combine that with a 405 attack stat, and sprinkle it with Moxie... Just make sure it doesn't knock out even ONE of your pokemon.

Pokemon's Name: Skarmory
Species: Steel/Flying
Gender: Male
Nature: Impish
Ability: Sturdy
Item: Sitrus Berry
Moveset: Roost, Spikes, Whirlwind, Toxic
Stats: HP- 333, Attack- 196, Defense- 411, Special Attack- 87, Special Defense- 176 Speed- 182

Yeah... I'm getting lazy. *yawns* His Moveset pretty much explains it all. 411 defense, Whirlwind and Roost is trouble enough.

Pokemon's Name: Gyarados
Species: Water/Flying
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Moxie
Item: Focus Sash
Moveset: Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Stone Edge, Bounce
Stats: HP- 331, Attack 383- 196, Defense- 195, Special Attack- 116, Special Defense- 236 Speed- 261

There is so much more to Gyarados' awesome exterior. He pretty much acts as my back up Salamence. After a Dragon Dance, he pretty much outspeeds everything he needs to. Just in case gyarados runs into an electric move (4x effective since he is water and flying. Yikes!) Focus sash will keep him in bounds. He is a boss. That pretty much sums it up.

Pokemon's Name: Archeops

Species: Rock/Flying
Gender: Male
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Defeatist
Item: Flying Gem
Moveset: Acrobatics, U-turn, Earthquake, Stone Edge
Stats: HP- 292, Attack 416, Defense- 166, Special Attack- 234, Special Defense- 166 Speed- 319

Archeops, Archeops, Archeops.. Blessed with a base 110 Speed and 140 Attack many people wonder why this Pokemon isn't overused. It should be. It has an extemely high attack and speed which exceeds that of even Salamence... The problem lies with it's ability. Defeatist. Arguably the worst ability in the game. It's a fair ability though. Without it, I can't see why Archeops wouldn't be OU, and wouldn't be in consideration for even being Uber... Archeops has this thing called a flying gem. Combine that with the stab acrobatics, and That's a 247.5 base power stat coming off of a 416 attack stat. That means pretty much everything that isn't defensive dies. But with its terrible defenses, it's not hard to kick in the defeatist ability. Where Archeops 208 attack stat is pretty much useless.

At least he looks cool...
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