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Johto Region Tourney (CLOSED)

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Johto Region Tourney (CLOSED) Empty Johto Region Tourney (CLOSED)

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:04 pm


1st Place: G-Funk
2nd Place: Archerskye

Rules of the Tournament
-No illegal/hacked movesets, abilities or stats: All 1 hit KO moves are banned from this tournament. These moves are Sheer Cold, Horn Drill, Fissure and Guillatine. Any moves that ensure the next move will hit the opponent are forbidden, therefore, the moves Lock-On and Mind Reader are banned from this tournament. Moves that guarentee your's or an opponent's pokemon will faint after a certain amount of turns or when your pokemon does is illegal in this competition (Self Destruct, Explosion, Perish Song and Destiny Bond). Illegal abilities in this tournament are Sand Stream, Air Lock, Drizzle, Drought, Snow Warning. Anyone caught using either moves, abilities or stats that have been deemed illegal or using Pokemon that were no cleared for entry into the tournament will be immediately disqualified.

-Standard clauses apply: Species clause, Sleep clause, Evasion clause, OHKO clause, and Moody clause all apply in this tournament.

-Johto pokemon ONLY in this tournament: Only pokemon released in Johto consisting of the Pokedex numbers of 152-248 and 251 are allowed in this tournament.

-No UBER pokemon or illegal combinations: UBER Pokemon are forbidden in this tournament.
Ho-Oh Fire / Flying Pressure / Regenerator 106 130 90 110 154 90 680
Lugia Psychic / Flying Pressure / Multiscale 106 90 130 90 154 110 680

-All Pokemon used in the tournament must have been registered before entry: Each participant will be permitted to use up to 2 Pokemon teams or 12 Pokemon. Using the Registration Template inside the spoiler below, members are required to send me all of the information for the fields I have listed. This information must be sent to me via pm before registration to make sure the Pokemon is legal. This also prevents trainers from creating identical Pokemon to the one they have registered with me and using it illegally in the tournament.

-Battle Options: You may compete in the tounament either through DS, Pokemon Online, or PokeShowdown. As far as for PO and PokeShowdown as long as the servers are up. You must still register your teams as stated above no matter what option you choose. Keep in mind you can only do this if your opponent can do the same you must agree on a battle method.

-No disconnecting during official tournament battles: It is understandable that a member may disconnect once in a while during a battle due to faulty connection. If a disconnect occurs at any time during the battle, that battle will be labeled void and there must be a rematch to take it's place. If any member participating is caught disconnecting more than 1 time against the same opponent, it will be taken as poor sportsmanship, which is against Plasmatic Forums policy. The person who disconnected will be disqualified and dismissed from the tournament and the competitor will move on to the next round. If any participant of this tournament suspects any issues with their connection they must inform me via pm before the day of the tournament.

-All battles are best 2 out of 3: All battles against your competitor must be consecutive. As long as all three battles are done within the same 24 hour time period, the battles will count towards the tournament. If any of the battles are done outside this time period the battle will be voided to eliminate any possible confusion about what happened in a battle and who may have won. The only time a battle outside this time stamp will count towards this tournament is if sufficient battle videos are posted deeming a clear victor. It is recommended that all battles be recorded and sent to me as documentation of the tournament. None of these videos may be accessed or viewed by any other members while the tournament is running.

Rules of Registration
All members will be allowed to make any changes to their teams that they deem necessary before the day of the tournament. I will not permitt any team alterations on the day of the tournament and you will be disqualified if you are caught making any changes on that day. No exceptions.

If any members who have already registered a team wish to remove a Pokemon that was registered and reregister a new one they are allowed to come straight to me for the change. Again this must be done before the day of the tournament.

Registration Template:
Pokemon's Name:
Stats: HP-___, Attack-___, Defense-___, Special Attack-___, Special Defense-___, Speed-___

Tournament Prize
The prize for this tournament is a $20 points game card for the game system of your choice. So good luck and have fun.


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