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Team Plasma Rules

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Team Plasma Rules

Post  Ghetsis on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:05 pm

Team Plasma members are expected to go by these rules at all times.

1. Obey ALL of the forum rules.

2. Always listen to your commander. The only ones who over rule your commander are Ghetsis and N.

3. Do the best you can to uphold your duties in whatever rank you are in.

4. Always help any Team Plasma member or non Team Plasma member in any way you can.

5. Do not argue with any of your superior ranks or you risk demotion. If your commander is wrong he/she will be told so by a member that is a higher rank than that commander.

6. Be aware of ranks they will be posted below these rules and updated as needed.

7. Recruit whenever possible.

8. Complete all required missions in a timely mannor.

9. Have fun. ^_^
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