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Rules of my Gym :D

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Rules of my Gym :D

Post  Jakk Vermillion on Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:17 am

Hey guys im Jakk Snowe and i run the electric gym~!!

-I use 5 electric types and 1 wild card pokemon, but the wild card type is a secret~! Wink
-I dont allow legendaries at all, theyre not fair to use.
-Please follow the sleep clause
-No instant kill moves.. theres no strategy in using them..
-no healing items such as leftovers or shell bells
-No running or quitting mid fight or else i wont allow you to challenge me.
-If i catch you using moves and abilities that a pokemon shouldnt have i will let Ghetsis know and he will take things into his hands.
-No wonder launcher i dont liek it >:I
-No hazards.
-I'll double and triple battles only!

And last but not least... HAVE FUN AND DO YOUR BEST!!! Very Happy

Jakk Vermillion
3rd Commander

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